KOODA (Cold Air Intake System)


The KOODA cold air box system for Toyota Vios/Yaris is a performance air box designed to smoothen air flow into the combustion chamber by shortening and straigthening the air path and reducing restrictions found on the stock air box. The mesh-type air filter allows the engine to have higher rate of air mass that translates to higher engine power and acceleration throughout the engine’s RPM range.

A fully enclosed powerder coated stainless steel air box connects to the engine’s throttle body and the air filter. The air filter is easily removed for cleaning and replacement and is protected from hot air by a custom-designed heat shield.


Technical Points

Increases horsepower and torque throughout the range

Sharpens engine response in both part-throttle and wide-open-throttle applications

Replaces entire stock air box and air filter system, easy to install with detailed instruction

Usable with stock engine cover

Similar to stock engine noise level below 3000 rpm due to custom-designed stainless steel air box with resonator path

Above 3000 rpm, bassy & throaty intake noise character at moderate levels to complement sporty performance


Vehicle Application

Toyota Vios NCP150/NSP151 2NRFE

Toyota Yaris NCP150/NSP151 2NRFE